Open Gate Inc., Mission, History, and Track Record
Our Mission:
Open Gate, Inc. is dedicated to reaching members of our community who were formerly incarcerated and to guiding and facilitating them to purposeful college education and targeted vocational training.
Our History:
Open Gate, Inc. was founded in 2013 and initially focused on support of a pilot educational program at College of Alameda initiated by the same founders. The Founders successfully started and grew the educational program to 30 full-time formerly incarcerated students on academic and vocational courses in the first year. The program effectively graduated 12 students from vocational courses with a 98% employment rate.
In the 2014/15 academic year, Open Gate, Inc. had 0% recidivism compared to the state of California’s recidivism rate, which is 74.1%. (Source: CA Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation 2013 Outcome Evaluation Report, Office of Research, January 2014)
The founders recognized the breadth of challenge facing those newly released from incarceration, including housing and homelessness, transportation, and food security. Addressing these challenges is the focus of Open Gate, Inc.
Future Growth
The program will continue to build on the strong and positive relationship with the Criminal Justice System. This will allow Open Gate to expand our outreach so as to begin the college enrollment process inside the prison walls. Open Gate will facilitate the transition from incarceration to college enrollment following a clearly defined pathway with a minimal gap in services.
Community Impact
The county of Alameda has a large and underserved community of young, highly capable individuals with differing degrees of criminal history. These individuals, with facilitation and support, can become highly successful and productive members of their community.
The recidivism rate post incarceration is approximately 67% in the state of California and the cost of detention is estimated at $50,000 per annum and rising. Open Gate provides the opportunity to impact and influence the recidivism rate through prolonged and publicized success.

Open Gate is focused on cost effectiveness from year one, with the desire and intent to shape the future of a community of leaders throughout the county of Alameda.